Word Clock

Have you ever felt like time is moving to fast?
Do you have trouble being in the moment for more then a few seconds?

Just take a time and go slow with Word Clock.

Instead of showing the time like in classical type of clock with the hands or numbers, it shows you a time by displaying the text on the transparent surface.

It is a extraordinary clock with clean and ascetic, spartan design making a stylish addition to any desk, shelf or bedside table.

What is also unique about this timepiece is that time is displayed about each 5 minutes periods. In today rush environment we can slow down and contemplate little bit our life.


Crafted to match your interior decor.

Beautiful and precise laser engraved text gives the Word Clock a unique style and timeless appearance.

Word Clock enriches the place where you work, live and rest.

Word Clock was created to be modern, minimal and timeless. Its sole purpose is to tell time, while subtly reminding you of the importance of passing minutes.

An eloquent geometric layout forms the body of the clock, making it extremely simple and clean, while realizing its concept of, Ascetic or Spartan design.


Colors play an incredible role in our lives.

Depending on your mood and the place where you are, you can customize Word Clock’s display colours any time you want.

You can simply set whatever colour you like and enjoy it.


Adjust brightness level of the Word Clock to fit the best the brightness of the the place where it is.

Because of high quality of materials used to create Word Clock you will have a perfect contrasts.

Everything was design for a better viewing experience in all kinds of environments.


Even though the time is displayed in five minute intervals, the Word Clock maintains very high accuracy, internally.

You can set it once and just enjoy how the time is changing on the display.

Thanks to the built-in power backup, you can forget about setting it up. The internal clock can run for a days without an external power source. Without any worry, you can disconnect the Word Clock and move it to another place to enjoy.

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